Road Safety for Crews

Whenever there is an incident going on at a roadside where some construction work is taking place, people always wonder about how cars can get by safely. And that is a real concern. But what we also have to think about is how workers will be safe while they are doing their jobs. When you are working at such a site, you are so focused on the work that you are doing. Sometimes you do not even have the time to see what is going on with cars that are passing by. You just have to assume that you are being kept safe.

And that is the reason why having an automated flagger assistance device can help so much. There is no need to use someone to redirect traffic. And just having a road sign that is telling cars to do something is not enough. Sometimes it can be too dark for them to read. Some may ignore the sign or they may not read it until they are too close to take evasive action. But if you have one of those flagger devices that you can move around, you can easily have lights set up for the cars to notice. When they see the yellow lights, they will be able to react much earlier.

automated flagger assistance device

Another benefit to having this device is that if you want to stop traffic completely from going in a different direction, you can put up the red light permanently. And if you need to adjust the settings, you can do it remotely. You do not need someone to go up to the device and change the setting. You can do that with a remote without any issues. It is so much easier and safer to operate. It is why we believe that any crew working on a public road must use such a device.